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Would Syndaxi Be Right For Me?

Our objective is provide a high quality service to all of our clients. Delivering this level of service is not without cost and those costs need to be reasonable and proportionate to the amounts being invested.

Based on the various client types we look after our minimums are as follows:-

Individuals - those who earn over £100,000 p.a. and have over £250,000 to invest with us. For those clients no longer working our minimum increases to £350,000 of investable assets. In all cases where we provide active ongoing advice we also charge a regular retainer that is determined by the level of service selected.  More

Trusts – Please note that in most cases these are family trusts our minimum investment is £350,000. More

Families - where we look after several generations we are able to aggregate their investments providing each family unit has a minimum of £350,000 to invest. More

Corporate – We can either provide strategic or ongoing advice for the entire workforce or just the executives. We research first and recommend second. More

Fellow Professionals – Before we provide any advice we require a signed letter of engagement to be in place detailing our brief. We provide detailed status reports to ensure that our fellow professionals are kept up to date at all times. More

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