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What we think

We Think Value is Important

In our opinion, it is essential to make things clear and obvious about the value that has been added to your current financial situation when providing you with a financial plan or tactical advice.

Taking Time

We believe in taking the time to reflect on your position. In other words, we will never produce lower quality advice for you simply to save time, though at the same time we will never stretch things out if the situation is time-sensitive. This benefits you in the following ways:

  • You will never receive ill-thought out advice as a result of a lack of time spent focusing on your individual needs as a client

  • You will always receive a careful balance between taking the time to consider and reflect on your current financial situation and making sure you get your advice as and when it’s needed

  • You will always receive a final draft of your financial advice plan that takes into account every discussion we have ever had with you and the evolution of your needs and objectives

We Are Always Trying to Improve Our Knowledge and Skills

We will always remain fully committed to ensuring our staff are trained to the highest appropriate level at all times. Syndaxi provides a budget for each member of staff, renewed annually; this relates to the training plan they agreed on during their annual performance appraisal. This means:

  • The highest quality of competence across the board at Syndaxi and the client never feeling that any member of staff isn’t suited to their needs

  • A team of staff to work on your needs and advise you, without the perils of the lone trained adviser being out of the office

  • More referrals to Syndaxi as a result of clients satisfied with constant access to trained professionals

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