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Client Area

What we don't do

We do not deal with clients where we cannot provide value for money
By focusing on a specific profile of client, we’re in a better position to continually evolve and develop our services.

We do not offer "free advice"
Free advice often isn’t free the money required to fund it often comes from increases in costs to other clients with that adviser. Syndaxi advises potential clients to consider the following when exploring the realm of advice “without cost”:

  • Who is paying for the time it takes to give you the free advice?
  • Are your existing fees to a financial adviser higher than they should be as a result of said adviser giving “free” advice to potential clients?
  • What percentage of the adviser charge is going towards breaking even on the advice they offer at no cost?

We do not promote products before advice
We never promote products in isolation, we only recommend them if we consider the product(s) to be both relevant and beneficial to the client. In some cases this may involve more than one product, but it is important to remember there is a tangible benefit in dealing with a firm where the product is secondary to the advice:

  • Only having products recommended to you that will integrate themselves in your current financial advice plan
  • Having a level of trust and honesty between Syndaxi and you that you are entitled to expect



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