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Bespoke Financial Planners

More often than not, the somewhat esoteric phrase “holistic” is applied to financial planning. In today’s busy, sometimes imbalanced life, with clients plagued by the credit crunch, it’s not always possible to create the perfect holistic plan from inception, nor keep it in its original format for the duration of our services. We use the term “bespoke” to describe ourselves, because:

  • We tailor our advice to the client making sure it retains a distinctive style

  • We ensure our advice fits the client, never compromising the needs or requirements of the clients we deal with

  • We offer only high quality advice, not only because of the quality of our staff, but because of the tight-knit relationship between clients and our staff that allows us to make sure the advice we give them is applicable specifically to them

Fee Based

As Syndaxi is comprised of fee-based financial planners and investment advisers, we make specific planning and investment recommendations based solely on your circumstances, needs and goals. We don’t offer financial products on any other basis.

Owner Managed Business

Syndaxi is best described as a “boutique” firm  that provides financial planning and investment advice in either an integrated or modular format. This is because:

  • By managing ourselves we can remain manageable in size, never becoming an impersonal company with ambitions focusing more on company growth than services to our clients

  • We can then focus on our small number of clients without becoming detached from your case, devoting the maximum time possible to your needs

  • We remain an independent company, having no ties to fund management or insurance companies, only answering to the FCA and you, our client

We Favour a Team Approach

All too often one of the major failings of a financial planning firm is that it becomes far too dependent on one individual delivering the firm’s services to the client. Syndaxi operates on a team basis, with a highly trained range of staff that can satisfy your needs as a client, even when not all of us are currently in the office. This makes us an accessible and reliable choice and we will always be on hand to assist you with our services, no matter where we are.


We are located at 45/47 Main Street, Prestwick, Ayrshire, KA9 1AF

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