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Benchmark Capital

Best Practice IFA Group, of which we are a member, is part of Benchmark Capital Limited, which is wholly-owned by Schroders plc. In the interest of disclosure, the companies that fall under Benchmark Capital Limited include Fusion Wealth Limited, Fusion Funds Limited and Bright Square Pensions which may feature in recommendations made to you. Additionally, as Benchmark Capital is associated with Schroders, you may receive independent advice recommendations for funds that are managed by Schroders (including Cazenove Capital Management). Fusion Wealth offer a discretionary fund management investment solution which may contain funds associated to the Schroders Group where the funds help to meet the objectives of the model, Fusion Wealth also offer a range investment funds. For clarity the use of Fusion Wealth or its investment solutions, Fusion Funds, Bright Square Pensions Schroders or Cazenove funds is not mandated and would only be used where it is a suitable solution to your financial objectives. All recommendations are made for the best interest of our clients, not the business, and Benchmark Capital group aims to create cost effective solutions and efficiencies which can benefit both consumers and our members. A board of directors have been appointed to maintain oversight and control of the companies within Benchmark Capital, and procedures are in place to monitor and safeguard our consumerís best interests.      


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