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Robert and the team at Syndaxi are regularly asked to comment and/or provide technical support for personal finance articles. 

What follows is a selection of those articles published over the last few years.

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04/03/2015 This is Money My wife has been diagnosed with a brain tumour, what should I do with her pension pots? - click here
03/04/2014 Mindful Money "Don't annuitise yet if you can afford not to" say top advisers - at least until new rules are clear - click here
21/11/2013 Telegraph A question of retirement planning - click here
03/11/2013 Telegraph Pensions crisis? Only if you are middle aged - click here
24/09/2013 Mindful Money Worried about your old workplace pension scheme? Ask your pension company “how does our scheme stack up?” - click here
18/08/2013 Telegraph I lost £150,000 due to Nineties pension sales frenzy - click here
15/08/2013 Money Marketing Origen Chief says firm is not tied despite wording in Aegon results - click here
15/08/2013 Money Marketing Friends Life in Virgin Money protection tie-up as UL+K profits fall 6% - click here
14/08/2013 FT Adviser Arguing your way to good advice - click here
08/08/2013 Money Marketing Pensions regulator investigates 89 firms over auto-enrolment non-compliance - click here
28/07/2013 Enfield Independent Finance director from Enfield takes home biggest prize - click here
24/07/2013 Money Marketing Robert Reid wins CII Bridgewater award - click here
24/07/2013 New Model Adviser Commission ban shows unit-linked guarantees in a new light - click here
24/07/2013 Mail We must free the millions stuck in the pensions graveyard while their savings are being sucked dry - click here
18/07/2013 Money Marketing Advisers could face auto enrolment commission hit - click here
18/07/2013 Money Marketing Axa UK Drops PWC as auditor - click here
08/03/2013 New Model Adviser Structured Products : Advisers divided over scrutiny of DFM portfolios - click here
17/9/2012 FT Adviser RDR Could break industry bonds - click here
10/8/2012 New Model Adviser Life in the fast lane: The twists and turns of two successful careers - click here
27/7/2012 MoneyMarketing Standard Life Revamps offshore bond ahead of RDR - click here
26/7/2012 MoneyMarketing Scottish Widows corporate pensions director John Taylor quits - click here
19/7/2012 MoneyMarketing Webb: Public sector pensions deal will exclude contracting-out - click here
18/7/2012 Mail Pensioners face shock insurance hikes - click here
14/7/2012 Mail Why taking your pension tax free lump sum could leave you £1000 worse off - click here
12/7/2012 MoneyMarketing DWP clarifies auto-enrolment charges - click here
12/7/2012 MoneyMarketing New HMRC guidance clarifies adviser charging rules - click here
21/6/2012 MoneyMarketing Passport to The New World - click here
16/6/2012 Telegraph Let’s make pensions as desirable as a new iPad - click here
1/3/2012 FT Adviser Syndaxi boss derides FSA Fixation on fees - click here
28/2/2012 FT Adviser The taxman will call and IFAs must be ready - click here
23/2/2012 New Model Adviser FSA warns advisers of Mifid impact on execution-only rules - click here
22/2/2012 Mail Savings safety net alert - £60m could go up in smoke if there is another banking crisis - click here
15/12/2011 Mail So can you trust your employer to tall the truth?  A pension offer you can refuse - click here
14/12/2011 Mail Salesman allowed dying man to sign away £500,000 on a pension that would never pay out - click here
9/11/2011 Mail Millions face pensions shortfalls on wildly exaggerated official forecasts as 4% growth becomes the norm - click here
9/11/2011 Mail How to combine your pension pots – and why it makes sense - click here
1/11/2011 Mail Raw deal on celebrity backed funeral plans - click here
25/10/2011 FT Adviser GPP exit charge loophole contravenes RDR - click here
29/9/2011 FT Tax warning for defined benefit members - click here
22/9/2011 FT Adviser Retirement needs multi-product solution - click here
10/9/2011 FT Warning over unregulated products - click here
11/9/2011 FT Warning over get rich quick scheme - click here
18/8/2011 Telegraph Millions tempted into dropping final salary pensions for cash - click here
14/6/2011 New Model Adviser IFAs express concern over adviser charging tax pitfalls - click here
23/5/2011 Mail Thousands robbed of  pensions nest egg: workers misled into giving up gold plated schemes - click here
23/5/2011 Mail Workers cynically bribed into bad pensions - click here
1/4/2011 FT Performance fees may trigger exodus - click here
1/4/2011 FT The hidden costs of portfolio turnover - click here
23/3/2011 FT Estates that donate attract lower IHT - click here
23/2/2011 Mail £52bn hole in the savings safety net means saver’s cash is at risk - click here
23/2/2011 Mail Savers Warned on FTSE Bonds Black Hole - click here
16/2/2011 New Model Adviser Reid warns FSA over Sipp Ucis loophole - click here
1/2/2011 New Model Adviser Pensions advisers need more maths, says Reid - click here
17/12/10 Mail Firms push staff to end final salary pensions - click here
14/7/2010 Mail Final salary pensions dead in a decade - click here
20/01/2010 BBC On line Standard Life Sterling Fund - click here
17/01/2010 Sunday Times Offshore pensions:are they in line for next crackdown - click here
06/01/2010 Daily Mail Equitable Life- click here
09/12/2009 Daily Mail Savers losing faith in their pensions - click here
30/09/2009 Daily Mail Barclays refusing to compensate for nest egg losses - click here
03/09/2009 Daily Mail Aviva swindle pensioner out of £2000 on Child Plan - click here
22/07/2009 Daily Mail 91-year-old wins £200k after being misled by Barclays - click here
09/07/2009 Financial Adviser Retirement Planning conference - click here
14/06/2009 Financial Adviser Record numbers of advisers applying for RDR exams - click here
11/06/2009 Financial Adviser IFA career path should include volunteering - click here
10/06/2009 Daily Mail Savers being forced into high-charge investments - click here
01/05/2009 Daily Mail Investors lose savings to poor advice from Barclays - click here
18/04/2009 Daily Mail RBS pension contribution charges taking 75% of savings - click here
25/03/2009 Daily Mail Deflation - click here
05/03/2009 Financial Adviser Terry Wogan - banking expert - click here
10/02/2009 Daily Mail Norwich Union blows away more than a million promised windfall - click here
27/01/2009 Daily Mail 100k investors find Standard Life invested their money in risk - click here
26/11/2009 Daily Mail More than 1.6m left in financial mess after pensions take a dive - click here
16/10/2009 Financial Adviser Stepping down as PFS president - click here
09/10/2009 Financial Adviser Scottish Widows' Lifetime Achievement Award - click here
28/08/2009 Daily Mail Savers despair over poor returns on plunging with-profits - click here
07/08/2009 Financial Adviser PFS President having trouble finding right people to hire - click here
05/06/2008 Financial Adviser PFS celebrate new graduates - click here





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