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Why we charge the way we do

We provide a fee-based service, any commission received has no direct link to the cost of advice unless by total coincidence. All the time we spend working for you is logged, to make sure we remain as close as possible to our budget as set by the previously estimated costs. Though certain elements of our services have mandatory costs in order to provide the necessary regulatory protection and complex cases may require more time, we are always making sure you are never charged more than you need to be.

We also:

  • Make sure our engagement letter to you is concise as possible and reflects the steps we had previously agreed. If you require us to do anything in addition please do not hesitate to let us know

  • Are fully aware of what we can and cannot do, so we will never over-reach our own competence in our brief to you, the client

  • Are fully independent, we set our own fees and will always strive to be more personable than larger firms who deal in costs more than the client-adviser relationship



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